Together for Think-Pink

The SpartaNova Network supports Think-Pink with knowlegde and expertise.


Think-Pink is the national breast cancer campaign with the mission to support breast cancer patients and their families. Think-Pink offers financial and moral support to patients, invests in breast clinics in hospitals and finances research for new methods in terms of detection, treatment and aftercare of breast cancer.

For breast cancer patients, it is important to be able to continue their daily activities and to engage in healthy challenges. Therefore Think-Pink engages only in positive campaigns including the organization of exercise programs and the participation in sporting events such as running, cycling and walking events.


SpartaNova supports in the guidance of the breast patients towards their sportive goals in terms of injury prevention screening and training. We have developed testsets for walking, cycling and running specifically for the Think-Pink athletes. Thanks to the SpartaNova Network all Think-Pink athletes have access to this professional support.


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