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We just launched the new SportKompas website.

The positive link between exercise and health is obvious. Nevertheless the border between heathy and excessive training is still vague. Every year many athletes deal with overtraining and don’t achieve their objectives.


Wielerbond Vlaanderen organizes talent days in cooperation with SpartaNova and Ghent University. The goal is to identify young cycling talent, ensure proper monitoring and guide these riders to the international cycling top.

11 years after their last title celebration, Club Brugge can have a new party. Congratulations to players and staff, we wish them every success in the Champions League and an injury-free 2016-2017 season with SpartaNova!

Overuse injuries are a major problem in both young and adult athletes and according to recent research the actual number is greatly underestimated. Nonetheless, many overuse injuries can easily be avoided by identifying minor inconveniences before they become a problem. The OSLO Sports Trauma Research Center has developed an app with SpartaNova, collecting valuable information from athletes for doctors and physiotherapists to monitor.

On Saturday, March 5 2016, SKA (Vereniging van Sport - en keuringsartsen) organizes a sports medical congress in Antwerp for sports doctors and general practitioners: ‘On the Edge - groundbreaking sports medicine’.

GPs with an interest in sports medicine can attend a practical training to use the VASO – protocol in their practice. The VASO is a research and online platform developed by SKA and the Flemish government to implement scientific and sports-specific physical examination for (candidate) athletes.

RFC Wetteren Youth introduces a heart screening to avoid sudden death during exercise. From the age of U12, players can visit cardiologist and club doctor Dries Viaene for a screening. Sudden death occurs in 1 to 2 in 100,000 athletes younger than 35 years, often caused by a congenital or hereditary heart defect which can be detected efficiently. The European Society of Cardiology and the Flemish SKA (Sport- en Keuringsartsen) therefore recommend that every young person who participates in competitive sport is screened from the age of 12.

The link between exercise and health is obvious but the border between healthy exercising and training too much is still vague. Every year many athletes deal with overtraining and don’t achieve their objectives.

Premier partenaire SpartaNova PT

Jeroen Oeyen, Master in Sports Sciences is our first SpartaNova PT partner. Working in his training and exercising centre ‘Optima Forma’ he coaches people to learn to train in the best way, to improve overall fitness and to implement a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our 1st PT workshop on Fitness & Performance screening on Sep 27, 2015 was a success, with a first group of committed Personal Trainers now educated to perform evidence-based screening for fitness! We thank Johan for hosting our event, Philip for being our first (and fit!) fitness screening test subject, and Peter, Ward, Vincent, Jeroen, David, Sebert and Anthony for joining our workshop as first user group.

Inspired by our mission to bring Sports Science into Practice we are launching a new online screening platform for Personal Trainers and fitness coaches for screening fitness and performance, based on science. During our 1st workshop for personal trainers, our newly developed evidence-based test protocol for measuring baselines fitness level with (novice) athletes, will be educated, as well as the performance tests included in our platform.


Seit dem 1. August, befindet das SpartaNova Büro sich an der Adresse: Bomastraat 16, in 9000 Gent.

Wir sind Telefonisch zu erreichen unter der Nummer: +32 9 934 39 94.

Vanuit ons partnership met Wielerbond Vlaanderen, willen we het belang van blessurepreventie bij fietsers onder de aandacht brengen. In de mei 2015-editie van hebben we onze visie en ons SpartaNova Experten netwerk in de kijker gezet, om op die manier fietsers te kunnen informeren en sensibiliseren over fietsafstelling én lichaamsafstelling via blessurepreventiescreening (met dank aan Pulso Preventielab en Wielerbond Vlaanderen).


After some new colleagues joining the Kernpraktijken Fysiogroep Zaandam team, a special SpartaNova in-house training session was planned for all colleagues. The newly trained SpartaNova Experts are enthusiastic to kick off the SpartaNova screenings for prevention and rehab in line with their mission to bring the best possible physiotherapy services to all of their clients.

SpartaNova is organizing its first Expert Training in Paris in cooperation with Kpten : « La prévention de blessures dans le sport: une approche basée sur la recherche académique et adoptée par les experts de terrain »