21 Oct 2021 to 22 Oct 2021
Watt the Firms - Ghent (Belgium)
Thursday 10h-17h Friday 10h-16h30 Training in English and/or Dutch, with respect for Covid-19 measures.

Expert Training - October - Ghent

This Expert Training dives into the scientific background and a variety of validated tests and evidence-based screening for:

Prevention: the latest evidence-based insights on injury prevention screening and injury risk profiling for athletes from multiple sports and for different injuries.

Rehab: Return-to-Sports screening after an injury or after surgery.

The training is strongly recommended for experts with the intention of using the Hylyght platform in their daily practice or work but taking a license is by no means needed - plenty of people take part in this training to brush off their knowledge on testing and screening and to focus on the standardization of their test execution.


This training is a Certified Expert Training. It is open to physiotherapists, medical doctors and or other practitioners with a sports-orientation and a keen interest in applying science-proven screening with athletes from every age, level or discipline.

For PQK registered therapists the training results in PQK points.

Need more info? lode@spartanova.com



Price: €450 per person  - student price: €300 (both VAT excl).


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