About Spartanova

SpartaNova is a Belgian company, founded in July 2010 as a spin-off from University of Ghent and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Our mission is to bring sports science into practice by taking the best available evidence on injury prevention, rehabilitation, training and monitoring of athletes, and translating it into an expert online tool for professionals and field practitioners.

Through preferred partnerships with science and field experts, SpartaNova continually integrates insights from new research and top expertise from key partners, allowing us to constantly fine-tune and update our system.

We offer a new concept in physiotherapy and sports medicine, built on prevention and evidence-based screening and monitoring of athletes of every age and level. A growing number of professionals and domain experts in many countries and regions have adopted our vision and methodology, recognizing SpartaNova as their standard.  It is our commitment to continue to build and extend our platform and network, and to facilitate an expert community in which our SpartaNova adopters can share and learn, grow as professionals, and ultimately, help their athletes reach their absolute best. 

SpartaNova Core Team





Content Developer

With Master degrees in Physical Education (Ghent University 2006) and Sports Physiotherapy (Ghent University 2010), SpartaNova offers a perfect setting for Lode to put all this science into practice. He joined the company in September 2011 after working at several private practices in sports physiotherapy. He was involved at Ghent University as an academic teaching assistant for several years, mainly in the field of injury prevention and sports guidance.



IT Manager

Starting out with a master in Computer Science, Axel joined the department of Telecommunication and Information Processing at the Ghent University in 2000 as researcher and teaching assistant. While working on his PhD, Axel developed a general theoretical framework for comparing objects and algorithms, optimizing the processing of object comparison methods. Axel has been with SpartaNova since the early days in July 2010, where he laid the technical foundations of the online platform.



Content developer

Joke attained a Master degree in Sports Physiotherapy at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in 2012. She started working as a Physiotherapist in the multidisciplinary Sports and Spine Centre in Melle, Belgium. In 2013 she was granted a PhD scholarship and dove into scientific research in the domain of hamstring injury risk identification in football, completing her thesis with the title ‘Hamstring injuries in male football: an update on the intrinsic risk profile. Because the incidence is crying out for evidence.'  Joke is also physical coach of the KAA Ghent Premier League female football team since 2016. 




Bruno has built up a broad experience in business consulting and technology. He was founder and co-founder of several niche consulting firms in the Benelux. His job was to assist organizations in different sectors on strategy, management and innovation. He is also a mentor of startups. At SpartaNova Bruno is responsible for Sportkompas. His mission is to roll out Sportkompas, based on the scientific research at UGent, and make it available to anyone who wants to discover and develop his or her sports talent.



Expert Trainer France

Frederic attended KHBO Bruges, completing his Physical Therapy degree in 2004. He worked for 10 years as a physical therapist specializing in neuromusculoskeletal therapy (post-graduate diploma from Ghent University 2006). He combined working in the AZ Saint-Rembert Hospital in Torhout with working in a private practice focused in sports, orthopedics and manual therapy. Frederic joined SpartaNova in July 2013.



Expert Trainer Germany

Jörg is a state-approved trainer, sports- and movement therapist of the German Olympic association and natural practitioner focusing on osteopathy, chiropractic and functional movement analysis. He has a lot of experience in movement therapy, athletic and preventive training and rehab. Since 2007, he's involved in the German national women’s ski team, during 3 World Championships and the Olympic Games. Furthermore he worked with the Red Bull Hockey Team of Munich from 2011 – 2013, focusing on treating, assessing and preventing Injuries.


Bailón Cerezo

Expert Trainer Spain

With a Master degrees in Manual Therapy and Healthcare Research (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Javier joined SpartaNova in June 2016 in order to bring the latest evidence-based knowledge to Spain. Javier completed his studies in Physiotherapy at the University of Alcalá in 2013, receiving the Award from the College of Physiotherapists of Madrid. Javier combines his clinical practice with elite athletes with research at the University of Alcalá and teaching.


Runners Service Lab is een Belgisch bedrijf gespecialiseerd in schoenadvies en orthopedische aanpassingen en steunzolen op maat. Ze delen onze focus op letselpreventie en adviseren lopers over de correcte schoenen, zowel voor amateurs als voor professionele atleten. Onze expert training vindt plaats in de gebouwen van RSLab in Zwijndrecht. 



Disporta is een verdeler van paramedisch materiaal, met een compleet gamma aan oefenmateriaal en meet- en testapparatuur. Voor onze preventie en rehab tools is een materiaalkit nodig waarvoor Disporta onze preferred supplier is.