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Ultra-runner Karel Sabbe

Karel is a Belgian dentist who will try to break the world record and run the Pacific Crest Trail as fast as possible. He will attempt to run 80 kilometers every day on his 'Quest for the Crest'. His friend and physiotherapist Joren Biebuyck will coordinate the logistics and try to keep Karel free from injuries. Follow their adventures on the website, Facebook or Youtube channel of the project.

"My biggest fear is getting injured. My motivation is strong enough but in case of an injury I'm not willing to risk my athletic career."

- Karel Sabbe

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Pieter Krauch - Marathon Des Sables

The Belgian Pieter Krauch will take part in the Marathon Des Sables in April. The participants in this foot race in the Moroccan Sahara are food self-sufficient over a distance of about 250 Km, covered in six days. Every runner must carry his/her own backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other material.

Before entering into this extreme challenge, Pieter visited a sports doctor and was screened with the VASO – protocol, a scientific and sports-specific physical examination for athletes developed by SKA (Sport- en Keuringsartsen) in cooperation with the Flemish government and SpartaNova ( After a thorough check he was found physically fit for endurance running and got permission from the doctor to enter the race.

We didn’t stop there however: in order to maximize his chances to remain injury-free during the huge mileage training build-up, Pieter contacted us for advice and we screened him with our renewed long distance running protocol, resulting in an individual training program tailored to his needs. By focusing on his shortcomings we can limit the time he needs to spend on preventive exercises and maximize the time available for training. We wish him the best of luck in Morocco!

"I was impressed with the testing and how much information can be deducted from basic functional tests."

- Pieter Krauch
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Red Flames Screening

One week before the great victory of the Belgian Red Flames (the national women's A team) on the Norwegian team, the players were screened by SpartaNova, in close cooperation with the medical staff.

During the screening, both injury prevention and performance tests were taken to create individual profiles and individual prevention programs for each player.

Research studies show an increased injury proneness in women football e.g. for ACL, and an evidence-based musculoskeletal prevention screening can certainly contribute to the prevention program effectiveness of the national female players. Further on in the preparation for the new season, a health monitoring process will be integrated as well, based on an app developed by SpartaNova in cooperation with researchers from Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre, for monitoring overuse injury and other health complaints.

We wish the Red Flames the best of luck with the qualification campaign for the European Championship of 2017 !


Jelle Veyt

Jelle Veyt, adventurer.

"Thank you SpartaNova for the great support of this 5 month trip. After 13.000km of cycling and climbing Europe's highest mountain I arrived in Kathmandu. Doing my training program every other day (even after a full day of cycling or climbing) seems to have payed off with no injuries at all; even though I had to push my limits to cross Tibet in winter!"

"After 13.000km of cycling and climbing Europe's highest mountain I arrived in Kathmandu without a single injury."

- Jelle Veyt, adventurer

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Joke Quintens, alderman in Genk (Belgium), is screened

In September, Joke Quintens will participate in the Walk for Think-Pink, a 80 km distance hike. In order to prepare herself well to this challenge, she visited a SpartaNova Expert to solicit training and injury prevention advice. Based on her prevention screening and personal profiling, Joke can now prepare with an individual prevention training program.

The SpartaNova Experts network is proud to be partner of the Think-Pink champagne and supports Think-Pink athletes and supporters with tailor-made screenings for the Walk, Run and Cycle activities organized.

(note: video fragment in Dutch)

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Ann Wauters, a world class athlete with a clear message.

Ann started to play basketball from the age of twelve. She was the first Belgian-born player in the WNBA . Having only played basketball for seven years prior to the draft, Wauters quickly blended in with the big-name centers. She was an obvious talent and worked hard.

Over the years playing in different elite competitions she has learned and seen a lot, now ready to share with all players and coaches in basketball and in other sports. We believe Ann is truly inspiring for athletes of any level and age in pursuing their dreams and taking the effort, both on and off the field.

"Everybody loves to play basketball but your body needs to be ready for the game."

- Ann Wauters
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Olivier Delie & Kristof D’Haene

After a nasty muscle injury professional football player Kristof D’Haene is screened preventively by Kine Delie, who has been using the SpartaNova platform for the last 2 years.


Every athlete trains according to his individual profile in the group practice of Olivier Delie, with a specific and personal program for every athlete. Delie and his team notice that more and more athletes are finding their way to the practice because of this approach.

"Through the testing, we collect scientifically measurable data and provide every athlete with a specific program. Past experiences teach us that this way of working produces good results, even in the short term."

- Olivier Delie
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Telstar VVNH & KAA Gent Ladies

Telstar VVNH (NL) has been using the SpartaNova platform for the last 2 seasons. BeNe League opponent AA Gent Ladies (BE) just started working with our platform and is enthusiastic to be part of it!


Telstar VVNH staff and players are confident of the benefits of the SpartaNova platform: monitor players’ training load and mental status, adapt training where necessary and compose injury risk profiles for every player to target individual training to very specific shortcomings.

The KAA Gent Ladies medical staff wants to bridge the gap with the Dutch teams. This season (2014-2015) they will test the players’ physical status, create injury risk profile and preventive training programs for every player and monitor every player closely. With SpartaNova they found an ideal match to combine their own insights and knowhow with evidence-based testing protocols in one online tool.


"There’s a big difference between Belgian and Dutch teams in the BeNe League. The Dutch are more professionalized and players are in better physical shape. For the next season, we’re starting to work with SpartaNova in order to professionalize and try to close this gap."

- Pepijn Vermassen, Physio KAA Gent Ladies
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Prof. Dr. Erik Witvrouw

SpartaNova co-founder Prof. Dr. Erik Witvrouw traded the uncertain Belgian weather for the Qatar desert.


As lead research and education physiotherapist, Erik now works at Aspetar in Doha. He is involved in research and rehabilitation on a cutting-edge level, building further on the research that forms the backbone of SpartaNova: injury prevention, return to sports screening and load monitoring. We're looking forward to the results of this research as a part of the continuous update of our application.


"We implement all known risk factors by screening every athlete and creating an individual training program. We're also collecting data on training load to be able to assess the impact of this load on the injury incidence."

- Erik Witvrouw, Aspetar
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Lieven Maesschalck

The Belgian Red Devils, on their way to the World Cup in Brazil.

Lieven Maesschalck, physiotherapist of the Red Devils, is enthusiastic about SpartaNova: "In the past, only elite athletes spent attention to athleticism; today this is becoming increasingly important for athletes in lower rankings and also for young athletes. Players have part of the responsibility, and because of this they want to optimize things for themselves. There’s a new way of looking at things and it’s up to us to be part of it and to add value to the whole, starting from a young age."


"The younger you can start injury prevention the better. Exercising every day becomes like brushing your teeth, it's part of the daily hygiene."

- Lieven Maesschalck, Belgian Red Devils
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Olivier Coppejans

Kimmer Coppejans: up and coming talent in tennis guided by his brother Olivier.

Olivier: "The Prevention tool is of great value to detect weak links in the kinetic chain and helps coaches and physical trainers at LTA (Limburgse Tennis Academy) in obtaining a blueprint for individual warm-up and preventive exercises. Combined with results from Performance testing, a targeted strength and conditioning program can help evolve Kimmer's game, while minimizing the injury risk.

Tennis has become a fast-paced, explosive sports and competitive athletes need a mixture of speed, agility, power and high aerobic capabilities. Kimmer can make a great leap forward in several of these aspects. Our approach has paid dividends already and I'm expecting it will continue to deliver results in the future."

"Trophies are won when no one is watching..."

- Olivier Coppejans, physiotherapist and SpartaNova expert.

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SV Zulte Waregem

At SV Zulte Waregem, injuries are kept to a minimum thanks to the efforts of the medical staff.

Bram De Winne, physiotherapist and physical trainer at Zulte-Waregem, is one of the first SpartaNova Experts, and he's managed to establish a successful screening and training routine together with the rest of the medical staff. He and Davy De Fauw, captain of the team, talk about the advantages of working with the SpartaNova application.

"Franky Dury, our coach, asked the medical staff to try to achieve an injury rate of less than 10% throughout the season. Last season we accomplished this."

- Bram De Winne, SV Zulte-Waregem
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Fanny Lecluyse

Fanny Lecluyse, elite swimmer.  

Manu Wemel, Fanny's physiotherapist: "The big advantage of the SpartaNova application is the scientific background - it’s not just testing. The tests are easy to perform, but it’s important that the tester is trained very well. That’s why it’s crucial that testers have a background in physiotherapy. It’s an ideal way to do injury preventive screenings."

"Regular training allows us to train harder and more powerfully. As a result, I personally have suffered significantly fewer injuries than usual."

- Fanny Lecluyse, swimmer

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Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan has competed in three Olympic Games, winning two medals.

"A screening with SpartaNova shows a lot of imbalances that are very helpful to move forward and work on my weaknesses as pointed out in the tests. After a period of training, I think you’ll be able to see massive improvements. For all you guys out there that haven’t been Wilsonized yet, I’d suggest getting it done!"

"For all you guys out there that haven’t been screened yet, I’d suggest getting it done!"

- Marc Ryan, New Zealand track cycling team

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